'A Shipload of Fun'

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In 1971, having escaped from Soviet-controlled Hungary, twenty-one-year-old András Csinger arrived in Australia with no money, no friends and no English. After seven years he had become naturalised as Andrew Singer and by 1995, he was married with two small sons, and was the proud owner of a prize-winning Fine Dining Restaurant and Bar in Williamstown, Victoria.
Suddenly, his world crashed around him. After only one night of illness, his beautiful young wife died of pneumonia.
How he recovered from this tragedy, cared for his two sons and eventually became 'Captain' of the hugely successful Titanic Entertainments is the subject of this biography. It's a story of courage and adventure, lived with unfailing optimism, boundless energy, and a sense of fun.

Gillian Wadds has put not just her pen but heart into writing this book, having been at the forefront of retelling the Titanic story. How could anyone make a fun night of wining and dining out of the tragedy of the unsinkable White Star Liner? One man, Andrew Singer had the concept in his head, and was convinced he could bring it to life as a tribute to those who sailed on that ill-fated voyage in April 1912. I was lucky enough to take part in one of the performances at the Prince of Wales Hotel. As weather presenter on ABC TV (Victoria) at the time, I was invited to read the weather report when the Titanic began inching towards the unseen iceberg. This book brings back memories for me, and I know anyone will enjoy reading about Andrew and his highly successful venture.

Edwin Maher, Broadcast Journalist/Voice Coach, Beijing, PRC.

From a life growing up in fear and oppression, to a hair-raising escape from communist rule, to a journey across the world to a new life far away from his native Hungary; "A Shipload of Fun" recounts the heart-breaking losses, the incredible gains and the colourful exploits of Andrew Singer, whose natural talent as an entrepreneur-extraordinaire resulted in a life-long obsession to bring the world's most famous sunken liner back to life.
Within these pages is proof of the lasting legacy that made an ageing pub in the Melbourne suburb of Williamstown the talk of the town. Thanks to his Titanic Entertainments 'Captain' Singer's story is the stuff movies are made of.

Pete Smith, OAM Radio and TV personality.

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