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Treechange Productions was first established to publish a second edition of "Chemical Leak!"
by Gillian M. Wadds because the initial publisher, Lothian Books, had declined to do a second printing.
A couple of schools wanted to order multiple copies, so the author took back the rights and Treechange Productions was born.

Our Latest News

Several books and plays have been released under the Creative Commons License CC BY-SA 4.0

To view a copy of this license, visit Creative Commons License CC BY-SA 4.0

Who Cares?

A play looking at our secondary school education system
by Gillian M. Wadds

Who cares if you are sixteen, at school, work a part time job — and can't read or write?
Brian is smart. He can give as good as he gets when things are tough. He finds someone who cares, but then the trouble begins.
How can he take control of his own life?

This is my first play to have a professional production – in fact it was my first full-length play. So I was pretty happy when Queensland Theatre Company rang and offered a three week season at Queensland Performing Arts Centre in Brisbane in 1986.
It was also accepted by the Queensland Arts Council and they toured it though sixteen towns west of Brisbane.
It was published by Currency Press in Australia, Dramatic Publishing in USA and Cambridge Press in the UK.
It is well out of print and so is added to this website for anyone to read – just as a record of the history of my writing.

Jessie of the Titanic

A re–enactment of the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic
by Gillian M. Wadds

A Theatre–Restaurant re–enactment of the last night on the RMS Titanic

I began writing and directing for Titanic Productions in 1996 and wrote a number of different scripts. Sometimes we decided on a new show after a couple of years to refresh the program, at other times it was because the venue had been altered and improved. Andrew Singer, the owner/entrepreneur, was always adding more effects to make the audience's experience of being a passenger on the Titanic even more realistic.
Jessie of the Titanic is the final show I wrote before my husband and I moved to the country. It incorporates all the extras that Andrew had been adding over the years. There was an elevator to take Steerage passengers down to the lower deck, a Life Boat on the upper deck where First Class passengers were rescued. As the ship sank, doors were slammed shut and water rushed into Steerage under the feet of the passengers.
I do hope this script gives some idea of the atmosphere and experience of "The Last Night on the Titanic".

Chemical Leak!

Junior Fiction
by Gillian M. Wadds.

A twelve year old girl discovers a chemical from a factory leaking into the local creek and resolves to find out how to stop it. She gets into danger but her friends and family come to her aid.

I decided to have a go at writing a novel for young teens. I wanted to write adventure, and include multicultural characters and an independent and gutsy girl. So Chemical Leak! was born.

Sea Secrets

Junior Fiction
by Gillian M. Wadds.

Summer holidays at Portside are filled with sunshine, swimming and sunbaking – but under the calm sea there are dangerous secrets. Why has Tran disappeared? And why doesn't his mother want the police involved?
Zena and her mates are determined to find out – even when they find themselves in very deep water.

The second in a prospective series about Zena and her Mates. Both the first, Chemical Leak!, and Sea Secrets were published by Lothian Press. Sadly, Lothian was sold to Hachette, who wrote to tell me that they were no longer interested in this style, they were looking for Fantasy and Magic. So I gave up on children’s novels in disgust! I decided I preferred writing for theatre anyway.

Silly Old Buggers

A musical play about growing old disgracefully
by Gillian M. Wadds

Produced by Treechange Productions for a successful season at the
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2009 and a season at
Chapel Off Chapel, Windsor during Victorian Seniors' Week 2009

It was then placed with David Spicer, a theatrical agent in Sydney and over the years has received a few commercial productions. Now David Spicer has kindly allowed me to put the script here on the Treechange website - copyright free.
However, he has suggested that if anyone would like the parts or the music, they should contact him and he’ll be happy to assist them.

How Are Ya?

A Camperdown Cabaret
by Gillian M. Wadds

Theatre-restaurant for a country town produced by Treechange Productions,
September to December 2017
Visit the Website link below for more information

My Williamstown

Reminiscences of growing up in Williamstown 1903-1914
by Haydee J. Witt

Second edition online 2007
Now out of print but available as an e-book at the link below

It All Began At The Beach - by Geoff Senior

Reminiscences of Geoff Senior

My husband Geoff often used to jot down memories of his childhood and growing up on his computer. Last year, when we had a look at how much he had written over quite a few years, we decided it was time to put it all together and print up a booklet for the family.
We had it printed by Christmas 2022 and he gave many away to family and friends. Now there are only a few left and it’s time to put it up on this website for future family and friends to enjoy.

Cover design - Michael Singer

A Shipload of Fun

The adventures of a crazy Hungarian
by Gillian M. Wadds

A biography of 'Captain' Andrew Singer of Titanic Entertainments, Williamstown, Victoria Australia.

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It is also available for in-person or online shopping at: Book and Paper,
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